The Libertarian Party of Orange County, CA's version of the Nolan chart and survey

Edited by Paul Studier

This quiz is freely available in both .PDF and it's native forms.  It consists of 4 pieces.

First is the chart itself.  It is available in Microsoft Publisher .PUB and in .PDF.  Print on 8.5 x 14 inch paper (legal size), cut on the dotted line, and blow it up to 20x30 inches, and mount on a foam core.  Consolidated Reprographics and some Kinko's can handle this.  Please note that the dots go inside the squares, not on the intersections.    Survey in Microsoft Publisher .PUB
quizposter4.pdf    Survey in Adobe Acrobat .PDF

Second are the questions.  They are 10 questions answered Yes, Maybe or No.  Yes is always a vote for freedom.  Do not call it a quiz, the word scares people.  Call it a survey.  It it the top half of the front of the survey.

The bottom half of the survey is blank.  A half page survey is less intimidating than a full page.

Third is the interpretation.  It has a copy of the chart, an explanation of the different political types, and contact info.  When you score the questions, mark where the person goes both on the big chart and on this sheet.  Then give him the sheet.  Since he invested time in this sheet, and he has his dot on it, he might read it once before throwing it out.

Fourth, is the membership coupon.  If he wants to join, have him fill it out, tear it out, and keep it.  If not, leave it attached, and let him take it with the questions and interpretation.

Page one (on 8.5 x 11 paper)

Page 2

Alternatively, one can just print the Questions on front and Interpretation on the back of half a page, and have the membership coupons separate. Half page may be less intimidating.

Of course you will want to change the contact information.  You can edit the original files, or print the .PDF files and cut and paste.    Membership Coupon in Microsoft Publisher .PUB
quizbotback1.pdf    Membership Coupon in Adobe Acrobat .PDF

quiztop2.sdw    Questions and Interpretation in OpenOffice .SDW  (also StarOffice).
quiztop2.pdf    Questions and Interpretation in Adobe Acrobat .PDF

You can get a free .PDF reader at

.PDF files print better if you uncheck the box "Shrink oversize pages to page size" but check the box "Auto rotate and center pages".

Open Office is available for free at  Warning, the file is huge!

To download one of these files instead of opening it, right click on the link and select "Save Target As ..."

Also available are TIFF files for the Liberty logos:

Head of Lady Liberty

LIBERTYH.TIF    Head of the Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
STATUELI.TIF    Statue of Liberty

If all else fails, email me, and I will snail mail you paper copy.
Hope this helps.